Basic Series 4CH-Channel Multi Camera Mobile DVR (MDVR)

MDVR is a cost-effective, function extensibile equipment which is designed for on-board video monitoring and remote monitoring, It uses the rapid handling device and embedded Linux platform, combined with the most advanced H.264 video compression / decompression technology , network technology and GPS technology . With SD card as a storage medium, MDVR can realize many functions such as audio-video recording , vehicle's driving information recording , remote management and GPS signal upload . With central control software, it can realize the central control of alarm linkage , remote management and playback analysis .With simple and modern appearances, MDVR is vibration-proof , installation-friendly, has powerful functions and stable performances, etc cctv solution in bus

MDVR can be used both in common and special vehicles video monitoring or remote Monitoring such as bus, logistics car, freight car, long-distance travel bus, taxi, tanker, school bus, Police car, patrol car etc. . Front end acquires signal by on-board special camera, through special video Line transfer it to MDVR mainframe to process video compression, local store in SD card. Model with 3G module can realize remote monitoring, recording, upload etc. Model with GPS function can realize Real time vehicle positioning; Schematic diagram is a common application mode, the actual use of Various functions will be changed as the existence of the modules change mdvr gps 3g wifi gps car tracking in dubaimobile dvr gps company list in dubai, vehicle tracking online, school bus tracking system dubai 4ch mdvr kit school bus mdvrdvr for bus image

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GPS Tracking

Vehicle Security is a primary concern for all vehicle owners. Owners as well as researchers are always on the lookout for new and improved security systems for their vehicles. One has to be thankful for the upcoming technologies, like GPS systems, which enables the owner to closely monitor and track his vehicle in real-time and also check the history of vehicles movements. This new technology, popularly called Vehicle Tracking Systems has done wonders in maintaining the security of the vehicle tracking system is one of the biggest technological advancements to track the activities of the vehicle. The security system uses Global Positioning System GPS, to find the location of the monitored or tracked vehicle and then uses satellite or radio systems to send to send the coordinates and the location data to the monitoring center. At monitoring center various software’s are used to plot the Vehicle on a map. In this way the Vehicle owners are able to track their vehicle on a real-time basis. Due to real-time tracking facility, vehicle tracking systems are becoming increasingly popular among owners of expensive vehicles


Real Time GPS Tracking

Our Maps view lets you see and dispatch your drivers in the field with ease.Its easy to see your drivers in field.

Vehicle Maintenance

Quickly set reminders for for fleet vehicles by time, miles or even engine hours. An efficient fleet is a productive fleet.

Analytics + Reporting

Easily run reports to view behavior for an individual, a group, or your whole fleet, get notified when arrive, leave, or are close to a job site.


Public bus intelligent dispatching terminal TK-920 series


Public bus intelligent dispatching terminal TS-920 series


Public bus intelligent dispatching terminal TS-920 series